Ringing in your ears? Sounds driving you crazy?

Young businesswoman covering ears with her hands

Millions of Americans suffer from a variety of sensitivities: sound, texture, certain movements, certain foods, etc. As research on the brain, the neurological system, and the emotions continues to develop, there will be greater understanding of the cause and treatment for these sensitivities.

This website addresses two of the sound sensitivities – TINNITUS and MISOPHONIA — that can “drive people crazy,” often leading some to anger, frustration, severe isolation, and even suicidal thoughts or behaviors. These conditions affect not only the patient with the condition, but family members, fellow students, or co-workers who cannot “see” or “feel” the problem, and initially often have a difficult time understanding or even believing the problem exists. Serious rifts in family relations, school drop-outs, and job loss can result. It is not unusual for patients to hear:

  • Get over it!
  • You’re just too sensitive.
  • The world doesn’t revolve around YOU!

It is my hope and intention that this website will provide information and support to those who suffer from Tinnitus or Misophonia, and will help their families and others understand the problem more clearly. If I can be of additional assistance for individual consulting or group presentations, please contact me.