Services Provided

Tinnitus Treatment: A series of 2-4 CBT-based sessions, often all that is needed to manage reactivity to Tinnitus. If there is high anxiety in other areas, there may be additional sessions needed.

Misophonia Treatment: A series of DBT-based sessions, usually weekly or alternate weeks, for 12-24 weeks, or possibly longer. Number of sessions depends on how long symptoms have been present, how severe individual reactivity is, and whether patient is able to apply learned skills to his/her situation.

In-Office Sessions: Ideally, I meet with patients in my Sherman Oaks office for face-to-face sessions, at least most of the time.

Skype Sessions (or other more HIPAA secure site, such as V-SEE): For those who live out of the area or who are unable to come to the office, I offer online sessions.

Referrals: I highly recommend that patients also work with other professionals as a team:


    • Audiologist (for sound-masking devices)
    • Psychiatrist (if medications are needed for high anxiety, sleep, or depression)

Possibly also:

    • Mindfulness Meditation Group
    • DBT Skills Group
    • Neurofeedback therapist

Insurance Billing for Psychotherapy: I do not deal directly with insurance companies. For patients in California who have PPO insurance, I can provide a “superbill” that you attach to your claim form and submit for reimbursement of a portion of your cost. You can find out how much your plan will cover by calling the Customer Service number on the back of your card and asking what is provided for “out of network mental health services.” You might be able to get increased amount or number of sessions if your medical doctor prescribes counseling sessions for your particular condition.

  • Tinnitus is a recognized disorder that has its own diagnostic code in the ICD (International Statistical Classification for medical conditions), as well as in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for psychological conditions). For Tinnitus treatment, I use the ICD Code H93.1, in addition to F06.3 (Mood Disorder Due to Known Physiological Condition) (or variation, for depressive, anxious, or mixed features).
  • Misophonia unfortunately does not yet have a code in either the ICD or the DSM. As more research is conducted on this distinct disorder, it is likely to be added to those code lists in the future. In the meantime, I usually use the ICD Code H93.2 (Other Abnormal Auditory Perceptions), as well as F06.3 (Mood Disorder Due to Known Physiological Condition) or sometimes OCD, ADD, or PTSD, if those apply.
  • Hyperacusis is coded as H93.23, along with the F06.3 Mood disorder, as above.

Coaching: I am licensed to practice psychotherapy in the State of California. If you are outside of California, I can offer Coaching sessions to assist with your condition. Unfortunately, coaching is not billable for insurance.


Before our first appointment, please download and complete the FORMS that apply to your situation, and bring them to our first meeting. If we will be meeting online, please contact me for directions to send them to me by fax or email.